Relocation. Set Apart

Most relocation companies have owner/operators driving for them. These drivers travel alone from location to location hiring help in the local area they are working. Often times this can lead to damaged goods because of the hired help’s lack of experience. In turn, having unfamiliar people handling your belongings can cause a lot of stress for a customer.

Lytle’s Transfer possesses several unique traits that set it apart from other relocation companies. One of these traits is that all drivers, helpers, and packers are company employees. The equipment being used is owned by the company, not the truck driver. For this reason, Lytle’s can send its trucks from its home office with the necessary number of professional movers for the job. This ensures that customers are getting professional service from experienced personnel on both ends of the move.

Quality Incentives Program

Compensation for quality work is determined by performance based reviews completed by each customer. The incentive for making more money as a Lytle’s driver is to provide quality service, not to collect a percentage of the move cost. This factor leads to Lytle’s employees making an additional effort to ensure quality of work, and satisfaction to each individual customer.